The Loudhailer recording studio combines vintage, analogue and digital equipment in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Owner Deni Pavlovic has many years of experience in producing, recording and engineering along with an extensive knowledge of music, equipment and technology.

For more information or a chat about working on your next project, please call Deni on 07919 332067 or email at


Some quotes from our clients and reviews of our work are... 

"Wow, Deni!! The recordings are amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!".  Sydney Guillaume, Composer 'Imbroglio'.

"The Loudhailer has an atmosphere that other studios wish they could offer, mixing rare vintage recording equipment with new technology....Working with someone like Mladen Pavlovic is priceless and something not often seen in studio owners these days. That's why I record there..." Colour of Bone.

"It sounds like God's balls colliding..." BBC6 Music review of Colour of Bone 'Low Mode'. 
"Colour of Bone’s latest track ‘Itch’ is, simply, spectacular. It’s heavy with gothic, eerie touches and fuzzy guitar sections that cut through the gloom. Slightly reminiscent of These New Puritan’s epic album ‘Hidden’, ‘Itch’ can’t be digested on one listen. It is so unusual and oh so cool. There are so many sounds, so many layers that it feels like an album teaser. It becomes an itch, under your skin, and you just want to scratch and scratch away and listen to it on repeat." Vulture Hound Magazine.
"...the purified sound is unleashed, a relentless, adrenalin filled rush of fuzz, reminiscent of Muse’s heaviest rock edifices erupting in a mushroom cloud of sound. It’s a great opening riff, a simple string of notes but produced to give it so much more depth and scale...the abrupt ending the song has only goes to leave us feeling abandoned and itching to hit the repeat button again and again in a never ending spiral of addictive joy." Vulture Hound Magazine review of Colour of Bone 'Low Mode'.
"Announcing its arrival with a harsh yet melodious piano riff ‘Itch‘ is obviously from a darker and lonelier place than the previous single, dominant vocals lead the way for a heavy bass line and there’s an intense almost violent vibe to be found amongst the menacing static energy that buzzes off this track, then, nearly as abruptly as it appears the looming atmosphere gives way to a softer, somewhat weary acoustic tone turning the single into something incredibly interesting and terribly insightful. The contrasts between anger and resignation play out like a dramatic ode to the juxtaposition of the manic and the lazy and whichever way you interpret ‘Itch‘ it will certainly be disturbingly personal." Rock Paper Leeds review of Colour of Bone 'Itch'.
"Great Studio.  Friendly.  Excellent production and equipment.  You will get what you want from your recording here!!" David Davies, Loaded Message.

"Thanks for getting great drum sounds in your great studio.  BIG EARS." Lea Mullen. 

"Working with Deni at The Loudhailer was a great experience. His attention to detail on the production and mixing of the album really pushed it all up a notch. It's good to work with someone who can use his technical knowledge in a really creative way." Andrew Bird, Echoes.

"At last a producer who really cares about the finished product - from start to finish The Loudhailer studios equalled my enthusiasm and attention to detail. Can make a good coffee too....vital!" Ben Ballon, Twilight Robin.

"In the creative surroundings of The Loudhailer Studio in Manchester England, and under the capable eyes and ears of accomplished studio owner / engineer Deni Pavlovic, El Vato recorded and mixed their debut album, Loaded Dice." Mark Jeeves, Planet Rock Radio.

"The Loudhailer is where technology becomes an art - all our albums will be recorded and mixed there..." Nick Holmes, The Nick Holmes Band.

"Deni has amazing ears, ideas, enthusiasm and a great studio. The whole recording experience was top class." Colin Wilson, El Vato.